Jenö Szervánszky (1906 - 2005) artist

Hungarian artist, Jenö Szervánszky: post-impressionist paintings and drawings. A complete catalogue is in preparation and new works are being added.

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  • Jenö Szervánszky

    Pages reflecting the lives and works of the composer Endre Szervánszky (1911-1977) and the violinist Péter Szervánszky (1913-1985) are in their embryonic stages.

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  • Endre Szervánszky
  • Péter Szervánszky
  • The Szervánszky Family

  • A brief Hungarian lesson - An s in Hungarian is pronounced as "sh" - as in the name of Georg Solti, the conductor. The English s is written as sz - as in Franz Liszt. The long Hungarian á is near to the English a. The short Hungarian a is pronounced more like a cross between a and o. The Szervánszky name is, therefore, pronounced "Ser-van-ski".