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The works are listed alphabetically according to title. Continuing efforts are being made to give accurate origins (place & date) for each picture. Many of the pictures in this medium were begun while on holiday (often to the former Yugoslavia) and then worked on in the artist's studio. Szervánszky preferred oil-pastels while away from his studio because of their immediacy and brightness and because they are not as delicate as simple pastels which are susceptible to smudging.
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Painting Name


Ancient Tree

Avenue in Rovinj

Basilica of Esztergom

Bay View

Church Steps in Rovinj

Church in Szentendre

Church in Szentendre 2

Crowded Square in Rovinj

Crowded Square in Rovinj 2


Danube at Esztergom

Danube Bend - Threatening Sky

Donkey in Poros

Evening Coffee House in Rovinj

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