The Gallery

Post-impressionist paintings and drawings by Jenö Szervánszky

For convenience the works of the artist have been separated according to medium and listed alphabetically according to title. Continuing efforts are being made to give accurate listings of the place and date of individual works.


Hardly any of Szervánsaky's paintings or drawings were given titles. As with the works of Vincent van Gogh, for example, titles have been attributed to the pictures over many years by different sources. For the sake of convenience and to enable quick identification of a picture, all the works here have been given a title.

  • Drawings
  • Oils
  • Oil-pastels A - E
  • Oil-pastels F - L
  • Oil-pastels M - R
  • Oil-pastels S
  • Oil-pastels T - Z
  • Pastels
  • Water Colours

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